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ABOUT Alexis L.R. Visual Artist

Ref. LeXXah Drew_MuLegend (the Alexis Wilson Song Factory)
Louisville, KY. native, Alexis L.R., also known as Alexis Wilson is a young, phenomenal renaissance woman and artist, gifted in many areas of the arts. As an agent of TINSLEY's LEXART LLC. Graphics & Printing, her most prominent artistic style is uniquely in abstract, abstract realism and mixed media. Alexis loves to give much attention to mediums that art appreciators don't often hear about or rarely see. Mediums such as charcoal, conte', kneaded eraser, colored pencil, magazine, ebony pencil, pen & ink, graphite pencil, oil pastel and chalk.

Alexis L.R. defines her multi-dimensional artistic style as “neatly cluttered” having the uncanny ability to unify many mediums making them one. There is no particular style that she obligates herself to. In every art piece, however, much conviction, culture, conceptual depth to successfully convey the message in her art is intertwined in every stroke, written and/or drawn.

She has been featured in the 2014, 20th Annual African American Art Exhibition at the Actors Theatre of Louisville located in Louisville, Kentucky and was chosen out of 250 plus artists.  

Alexis L.R. was also featured in the 2014 Church of God In Christ Womens International Convention on Thursday Night where she presented her original art piece to Mother Willie Mae Rivers, the National Mother of the Church of God In Christ Womens Department. She was televised Internationally on the Internet and so was the Mother Willie Mae Rivers portrait mural.

Alexis L.R. was featured in the 2014 Black Angel Art Show November 29th to November 30th along with 15 other elite artists in the vicinity of Louisville, Kentucky. She also made her presence known in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a Womens Day Convention 2 years in a row and plans to make it an Annual Showing. She has displayed and sold prints and original work while continuing to make a name for herself.

Alexis L.R. was featured in the JAZZ IN M.E.E. Magazine January 2015 issue in the Art Gallery section. Her first ever feature in a national/international magazine with a captivating audience of over 180,000 national and international readers. this quarterly digital and print magazine chronicles the stories behind the hottest and most fascinating artists and trends, in the jazz industry.

This prestigious Artist has recently finished working on an International Children's book illustration due to come out in 2017. This is an opportunity that she took on that was a new venture and the start of a new chapter of her career. Always intrigued to find new ways to explore her creative side, this adventurous artistic woman has gone to another plateau by designing, selling and putting her work of art on Dri-fit T-shirts. While not only doing graphic t-shirts, but taking it to another level by designing and helping create the EVOLVE brand, a partnership she is doing along side her husband and business partner. With the EVOLVE brand she is also giving away EVOLVE sports bags and wristbands for every t-shirt purchased.

The long-term goal is to have the EVOLVE brand in stores on a local and regional scale.
Alexis L.R. has spent years developing her style while doing custom works, selling prints and original works to an eclectic audience of individuals ranging from business owners, those who appreciate art and art collectors. Alexis L.R. is always looking for new ways to reinvent herself as a multi-talented artist. Her creativity never stops, it is ongoing even when it transcends or is transformed in other areas of her artistic talent. Alexis L.R. is one who invites viewers to participate in every art piece, for without the viewer's participation, the masterpiece just isn’t complete!

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